Do My Boobs Look Big In This?


New 2020 Tour of “Do My Boobs Look Big In This” by Christine Moran

A show about body image for anyone who has ever worried that their boobs are too big or too small. And for those with perfect boobs. And for those with none. Why is our self-worth linked to our self-image? Both light-hearted and deep, this show will make you think. And laugh. And maybe even cry a little bit.

Big, small or none at all – Forthwrite Theatre talk about boobs!

This show was created from interviews with a wide range of women and people from the LGBTIAQ+ community.

Feedback from audience members:

“An incredibly important conversation to be having, wonderfully open.”

“A fantastic learning experience around the world of boobs – a rollercoaster of laugher and emotion.”

“Brilliant!  I feel normal!!”

“Fabulous. Great honest insights. Inclusion of transbodies really heightened it.”

Dates to be announced soon.