Getting Over Steven by Christine Moran – Reading Fringe 2014

“Getting Over Steven is a fantastic piece of theatre” 5* Review from Get Reading

“Chris Moran’s script delicately reveals different aspects of Steven’s life and relationships..” Female Arts

“One of the most highly anticipated productions this year, Forth Write Theatre’s Getting Over Steven is part drama and part mystery.” Alt Reading

“Getting Over Steven could be one of the biggest fringe hits this year.” Get Reading

Plays Directed by Aidan Moran (at Progress Theatre)

The Weir by Conor McPherson

“…exceptional acting and gritty realism combine to make a personal piece of theatre”  FemaleArts

Bold Girls by Rona Munro

“… brought vividly to life by a brilliant acting ensemble.” Get Reading

“… a captivating performance which will have you holding your breath one moment and laughing raucously with the characters the next.” XN Media

“So convincing are the four actresses, that whilst watching you will have to remind yourself that you are not in Northern Ireland.” Alt Reading

Proof by David Auburn

“…this emotionally-charged production is one which is likely to stay with an audience long after they leave the theatre.” The Reading Chronicle

The Long Road by Shelagh Stephenson

“ is the emotion rather than physical action which is really designed to pack the punches here, and the contrast between distraught family, and cold, troubled killer, is powerful.” Get Reading

Calendar Girls by Tim Firth
“..It is a real talent to be able to pull the heartstrings and tickle the funny bone within moments of one another. Tim Firth’s script, Aidan Moran’s direction, and the cast’s brilliant timing combined to pull it off beautifully.” Jelly

“A huge array of emotions are conveyed by the various characters throughout the piece and as a member of the audience, I can say I felt all of them” 20 Something Freak

“..the real heart of the play comes from the characters lives and stories, and director Aidan Moran coaxed these to life wonderfully through his talented cast.” The Reading Chronicle

“Director Aidan Moran’s vision was to capture the emotion behind the story, rather than putting on a play about women taking their clothes off, and last nights show did just that.” Get Reading