Liz Carroll


Cast Member
Liz’s first speaking role was as Mrs Braithwaite in a Wurzel Gummidge play when she was 13.  She was intoxicated by the laughter she generated and so began a love affair with the stage that has never dimmed.  She has had the opportunity to play some memorable characters with Progress Theatre.
Liz has enjoyed the “fun”roles of Junior Postman Groat in Going Postal, (which made her a Terry Pratchett fan for life) Old Bailey in Neverwhere, (ditto Neil Gaiman)  She has loved playing Nanny Ogg in both Maskerade and Wyrd Sisters.  
Roles that have challenged Liz are Jessie in Calendar Girls , Madame Arcati in Blithe Spirit, Alan Bennet’s glorious monologue Cream Cracker under the Settee, Mrs Venables in Suddenly Last Summer, Margaret Rutherford in Murder, Margaret and Me and spouting Latin as Pope Joan. 
Liz has always enjoyed writing and, since joining Progress, she has turned to playwriting.  She has had short plays performed in 9 Annual Writefests at Progress plus her longer play SH!T.
Workbench Productions has given Liz the opportunity to be involved in film (a whole new experience)  She has been in several short films and a longer one,The Match, which is now on Amazon Prime.
Liz is delighted to be touring with Chris’s play.  At her age, Liz thought she knew everything about Boobs but she has learned so much from the stories Chris painstakingly collected and has been moved by the courage recorded in them.  Thanks to all those amazing humans who contributed.